John Boyega has a message but it’s not one that many fans are agreeing with. The actor, best know for as Finn in the blockbuster film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has managed to stir up a little controversy with his latest tweets regarding Toxic Fandom. Boyega has been very vocal ever since the George Floyd “peaceful” protests began. Floyd, died in police custody in Minneapolis earlier this year after an officer, who was recorded in a bystander’s video, knelt on his neck for several nine minutes.

On Twitter, Boyega posted: “Toxic Star wars fans find their way to my mentions. Lord. Must I be blunt? I don’t fuck with you no more.”

The post immediatly generated a ton of comments both supportive and critical. However, just in case the so called “Toxic Star Wars Fans” didn’t get the message, he followed it up with another tweet shortly after. Boyega posted: “Lord (,I have) waited so long to tell the toxic fans to fack off.”

Oh, and it didn’t stop there. In another tweet, he later commented about a video that a fan posted regarding toxic fans.

This is not the first time that Boyega has stirred up a controversy. Earlier this year, the actor was seen rallying crowds in London, telling demonstrators that “now is the time” to demand racial equality.

Look, nobody’s perfect, and celebrities are entitled to have their moments. However, Boyega clearly is taking a one-sided approach to how fans express their opinion with regards to the films. He should welcome proposals among Star Wars fans and professionally debate with them over the direction Lucasfilm and Disney have taken. Why shouldn’t long time fans be able to openly discuss how they feel? Why can’t studios listen to fans when they have ideas when they say they want to see something? Seriously, at the very least, they should say, “we hear you.”

NO Star Wars fans are NOT toxic, this is simply a narrative created by Lucasfilm and Disney. The “toxicity” that Boyega is loosing referring to is called customer feedback. Fans have a right to express a negative opinion about the sequels films and the direction that Lucasfilm and Disney are taking. I personally don’t believe it’s appropriate for him to condemn an entire group based on how they express displeasure. He should be flexible and disciplined when communicating with fans.

I must tell you that I was shocked, saddened, and angry when I saw the tweets. Words do matter, at least to this long time Star Wars fan. Being congenial is pretty much part of your job as an actor, you’ve got to at least avoid treating your fans terribly just because they disagree with you.

In all honesty, maybe its best he moves on from the franchise. Perhaps it better for the fandom as a whole. I mean, he did once voice that he has no interest in returning to the Star Wars franchise on Instagram.

Regardless of his stance, I hope he knows that being in Star Wars isn’t just making an appearance. Being in Star Wars is a lifetime commitment.